When You're Depressed on the Couch Because Life is Hard

Come on! Let's go. It's going to be amazing. We're going to have the most delicious coffee you've ever tasted and then holy moly have you seen a day like today, I mean look at this sunshine!? How can we not be out in that? It's fucking incredible. Did you say boat? Holy shit could life be more amazing? And look at you! You look fucking fantastic; so tan and muscular and your hair, my god. Remember that time you did shrooms and you spent the entire day in awe of how fucking amazing you are and how much everyone loves you? Pretty crazy right? Yah, that's a real thing. You're so fucking amazing you don't even know what to do with yourself. I'm actually in awe right now. I mean I'm mind-blowing amazing too so it's totally not surprising that we're together right now. Like attracts like, ya know? ;P And this coffee we're about to order is going to blow your fucking mind. Can you believe coffee this delicious is being brewed just 5 minutes from your house on the daily! On. The. Daily. Adderall? What adderall? Oh that drug thing? Who the fuck needs that shit? We certainly don't. I mean it's nice and all but this coffee and that sunshine and your face and have you eaten watermelon recently? God damn it we're amazingly good looking. Stop it, your face is literally hurting my eyes its so attractive. Come on, get that fine ass off that couch; we got heads to turn and tail to chase and moons to shoot. 

C for R / July 2018 / In a dark depressing living room on a bright sunny day because life is hard