When You're Holding Back, Afraid to Perform Wholeheartedly

"For someone who says they want to do this as their career, it bothers me to not see you trying your hardest. You need to practice how you perform or else you're building bad habits. If you never practice going for that high note, then you won't have the confidence you need to go for it once you're on stage. You need to practice performing when I'm in the room. You're afraid of disrupting me or being annoying or too loud but it's actually much more distracting and annoying when you singing a song badly in the corner, than if you give it your all. I like having music playing in the background, but not bad music. If you can only practice performing when you're alone then that's not really helping you practice perform in front of other people and it makes me feel like I'm getting in the way of you doing your work and pursuing your dreams. I feel bad, like I should leave the room so you can do what you need to do and I don't like it. Your reason for holding back is not rational and you need to let it go right now. Can you do that?"

D for Cha | August 2018 | in the basement at midnight