When You're Lost Inside the Stress

"Talk yourself on a walk outside for 5 minutes. Have a conversation with yourself like you were talking to another person. You're the only person who can help you. I know it sounds weird but seriously talk yourself through an entire conversation like this, "Hey, How's your day going?...(answer)..."What's stressing you out so much?...(answer)....What can I do to help you?...What are you going to do about it?...What's the best idea you've had so far?....Why is it worth doing this?...etc..." Ask clear questions and give yourself clear answers. You know what to do. You're vision is cloudy because your nervous system is overwhelmed. Help yourself out by giving your body a physical break; change of scenery, fresh air, movement, rub your own hand soothingly. Give your mental and emotional self the support you need. There's a part of you that is clear and strong and it can come out if you give it space to show up. You got this."

C for M | August 2018 | FB video call from a coffee shop in Seattle to a university library in Edinburgh