When You're Shy to Post Sexy Photos Online

Posting sexy photos of myself makes me uncomfortable too. I worry everyone else is going to think I'm showing off, vain or shallow but everybody loves it when someone does it, right? We're all like "Hell ya! I'm so glad she did that." We all love it. So often when I'm scrolling and I see your posts, I'm like "Meh, that's not that interesting." or "That's not a very attractive angle." Most of your posts are of your upper body and you're kinda hunched over and focusing hard on something. You should set up a different camera angle and show of your hot long legs. That's really attractive and I'd want to see more. I know it's hard to post those photos, I feel it too. I had a really hot photo of myself in those sunglasses at Paradiso and my abs looked amazing with that stomach line and I thought "the world needs to see this sexy photo!". So I shared it but I posted it with a bunch of other photos so it wasn't on its own. It's harder to share sexy photos when you don't do it very often, but if post a whole bunch at once and get the ball rolling then it will probably just become "a thing" that we all expect and it won't seem strange or uncomfortable anymore. Start experimenting with sexier angles and you can message me your photos first and I'll tell you what I think and help you figure it out. 

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