You are a Channel for Creative Life Force

"As a living being, you {are a channel of creative life force}. It is the reason for your being, the how and what of your being. Energy flows through you, enlivens you, and makes you you. And if the flow of energy becomes obstructed or lessened {then your health will suffer}...Your body's ability to function as a clean and efficient channel is limited by stiffness, lack of strength, and lack of endurance. Your mind's ability is limited by the way it thinks about itself, by the way you think about you. The process of yoga is one of undoing the obstructions and limitations in your body and mind that inhibit the free flow of creative life force....As you loosen and dissolve the physical and psychological knots that bind your body and mind, you are literally enlarging your capacity to channel the energy of life. Creative life energy will flow through you more easily, with greater volume and power; and as it does, you will experience more easy and less disease,feeling and becoming more alive...This is important because the fulfillment of your highest potential is directly proportional to your ability to function as a clean and efficient channel." --- The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stilness by Erich Shiffman (pg 64) :) cool, or what?!

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