You Are a Fisherman of Ideas and Your Greatest Ideas Will Fight the Hardest Against Your Line

So I have an idea.... These are probably my favorite words. The hold so much vulnerability, excitement, unknown and hope. They are the source of everything wonderful that humans have ever done and the very essence of what makes us human in the first place. Ideas are what greet you when your eyes peel open in the morning. And like fisherman of creativity, we can cast our lines and reel in the great ones. And on that note, the great ideas are the ones that wriggle and squirm and try to get away and pull at you but you keep trying, you insist on pulling them to shore. The great ideas, like the great fish, are the not the easy ones. So when you hear yourself exclaiming, "I have an idea!!", relish in that beautiful moment of enthusiasm and prepare yourself, root your feet into the ground and scan the horizon with your eyes. If it's a simple fun idea, the current will pick up, like will get busy, and the idea will slip away with your enthusiasm. But when you catch a great idea, an idea that has a life of it's own, an idea that is greater than you, the moment the current picks up, you'll start to feel the tug on your line. The thrashing may begin and your chest may tighten. The enthusiasm (that electric spark in your heart) may be replaced by a solid determination to hold tighter. The great ideas, the ones worth hauling on board, will put up a fight...but you will fighter harder. And because you are human, you will win. Your beautiful innovative brain will step up to the plate and do what it does best...problem solve, invent tools, imagine and manifest something new into creation and suddenly you will exclaim, "I have done it!" // Cha

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