You Have a Little Librarian in Your Head

Ever heard of the peacock pose? It's a yoga pose that I failed at terribly and didn't try again for years. Then one magical day, I sprouted little peacock wings and got upgraded to yoga guru status. This stuff happens all the time in yoga; you don't practice something, in fact you forget about it completely, and on a random whim one day you make another attempt and suddenly it's easy. WTF? I experienced the same thing when I started ice skating and now when I'm playing music. Basically, you're brain is still busy figuring out the puzzle, even long after you've gone to sleep. Gears are a tickin'. when I was preparing for exams in high school, my dad always told me "When you're taking a test, before you answer the question, take a deep breath, count to three and remember that you have a little librarian in your head"

To this day, I ask this wee librarian a question and he runs off into the stacks of books to find my answer. Sometimes he finds the book right away and sometimes he goes hunting for days and then suddenly when I'm in the Safeway check-out line....BOOM...he slams the book down on the counter, "Here's the name of that actor you asked me for at the dinner party last week. Sorry it took a while." This was one of the greatest gifts my father's ever given me because it gave me the ability to stop worrying and move on. These days my worrying is over how quickly my music skills are improving. So today I remind myself...I've got an entire team of librarians at work. Meanwhile, just keep having fun banging pots in the lobby. // Cha

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