Your Phone is a Rope Tying Your Ship to the Dock

I can feel it watching me. Downward dog. I tell myself to look at the pretty clouds. Upward dog. Just pretend it's not there. Breath. I'm practicing yoga in the park this morning and my phone is nearby, recording a video of me. I might share the video later...or not. I'm giving myself the option but my main goal is to enjoy the sunrise and the birds singing as I stretch my body awake. So why is it so god damn difficult to STOP thinking about my phone. It's like a creepy little man watching me from across the basketball court. Eww.... I can't fully relax while it's nearby. I feel connected to the whole world when I have my phone and that's exactly why I don't want it here. I don't want to be connected to everywhere because I'm seeking to be connected to right here. Even if it's turned off. Even if it's twenty feet away. I want it to be completely  unavailable so I have no choice but be HERE and NOW. This morning I remember why I've been leaving the house without my phone (on purpose). When I walk out the door, part of me is excited for the peaceful old-school phone-free lifestyle and part of me worries I'll want to take a photo or send a message or Google something and kick myself for not bringing my phone. But I say to myself, "Remember all those technology-free walks and weekends and how peaceful and refreshed you feel afterwards? You are more creative and have unexpected ideas and stronger inspiration. You'll be more than fine without your phone. The phone promises possibilities but more often than not (especially for creative work) the phone stifles, limits and blocks. It's like a rope on your ship, tying you to the dock. You can float around a little but you'll never meet the high waves of the sea until you're untethered. Let go and see where you go." // Cha

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